Software Engineering/Software Development

Software Engineering /Software Development has been a driving force in the United States economy; a trend that only continues to accelerate with each passing year. From mobile apps and SaaS to open-source languages and platforms, software continues to permeate into every area of the business world.

The CPI IT recruitment team understands that in order for you to outsmart and outwork your competition, it’s important for you to stay ahead of the latest software market trends. Whether you are upgrading or adding technology incrementally or embracing a more comprehensive approach to implementation, CPI can deliver customized IT work force solutions, in order to ensure you meet your business objectives.

CPI has spent more than three decades cultivating a “service first” reputation built around CPI’s ability to deliver cost effective talent driven software engineering/software development personnel with unparalleled precision.  CPI is more than just an IT staffing firm, we have established internal resources, which allow us to act as your consultant, partner and IT project manager.

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