Network Architects, Network Engineers and Cyber Security

Network Architects, Network Engineers and  Cyber Security Professionals

Do you represent a company, which prioritizes the implementation of cutting edge network architecture?  If so, you probably understand that by implementing the latest network architecture, network engineering and cyber security infrastructure and technologies, you are attracting customers who are looking for state-of-the-art and user friendly products and services.

And as a bonus, you are developing an organizational brand, which is attractive to experienced and leading-edge tech professionals, who want to work on with the world’s finest and most progressive companies.

As the complexity and sophistication or your organizations’ technological requirements continues to intensify, so will the complexity of the underlying network architecture.  An increase in the logical and structural layout of your network and the rapid speed of ever-changing transmission equipment, software, communication protocols and infrastructure (wired or wireless), require network architects, network engineers and cyber security professionals who understand how to navigate, adapt, integrate and protect connectivity solutions, which work for you and your unique business needs.

Let CPI’s information technology recruitment team help you recruit and hire world class network architects, network engineers and cyber security professionals. With more than 20 combined years of experience, the CPI IT recruitment team has the knowledge, expertise and resourcefulness necessary to find and cultivate relationships with high value, tough to locate network architects, network engineers and cyber security professionals.

With a wide range of services including, consulting, contract, contract to direct and direct hire, CPI offers a variety of workforce solutions to ensure that you have the resources you require to meet your strategic business objectives.

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