Information Technology Professionals

Best In Class Information Technology Professionals

In 2017/2018, nearly 11.5 million individuals worked as information technology professionals across the U.S. economy.  Experts predict that growth in the tech occupation category is expected to hold steady in 2019 and beyond  Because technology now permeates every industry sector and an increasing number of job roles, employers are challenged with:

  1. Competing with other tech firms for talent
  2. Finding workers with the right soft skills
  3. Finding workers with expertise in emerging tech fields
  4. Rising salary expectations
  5. Insufficient pool of talent in region / locale

It’s our job to help you navigate an increasingly difficult and complex hiring landscape.

We know that you’ve spent a great deal of time and other valuable resources to make your company what it is today.  And we know that won’t trust just anybody to help you find your most precious commodity; your employees. The CPI IT recruitment team uses the same level of thought, care, and precision to locate and place some of the most educated, skilled and versatile IT professionals in the world.

Each IT candidate we place is screened for education, general and criminal background, drugs, relevant skill set(s), experience and a cultural fit. We make it our job to understand your business pain points. And we provide you with the strategic technical solutions you require including, consulting, contract, contract to direct and direct placement.

To get started, please contact Brad Blue, Director of Business Development, IT Division, CPI at 480.409.0497 or send Mr. Blue an email today.