Automotive Workforce Solutions

Best In Class Automotive Workforce Solutions

Based in the Motor City, CPI has been providing automotive workforce solutions to the auto industry, including the Big 3 and Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers for more than 36 years. CPI’s team of industry experts work to become your partner with one goal in mind; to help you solve your business objectives, by providing you with best in class engineering, mechanical and IT industry professionals.

Our automotive recruitment team has more than 30 years of combined industry experience. They understand how the automotive industry will continue to change and evolve. The spotlight is now on new research and development.  Automotive suppliers are focusing on lighter and stronger materials, which means regulatory demands on emissions and safety will continue to intensify.  Experts are also forecasting that electric vehicles will account for more than half of all new light-duty vehicle sales globally by 2040.Automotive Staffing Solutions

Passionate about the automotive industry and its evolution to include advanced technologies, our automotive recruitment team will work with you to provide a variety of tailored automotive workforce solutions including  contract, contract to direct and direct hire. Each candidate we place is screened for education, general and criminal background, drugs, relevant skill set(s), experience and a cultural fit, which includes an attitude to work collaboratively and succeed.

Ready to get started? Please contact Matt Dahlgren, Account Executive, CPI  at 248.886.5251 or email Mr. Dahlgren today.